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Allsafe Self Storage  McComas Way

Allsafe Self Storage

McComas Way

2100 McComas Way Virginia Beach, VA 23456
(757) 269-9841

Current customers: (757) 563-2646

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Quality - 5.0 (Excellent)
Customer Service - 5.0 (Excellent)
Price - 5.0 (Excellent)
Convenience - 5.0 (Excellent)
Customer Reviews of this Facility

Josie tatem - 08/26/20
Unit was clean. Joanne is a natural at customer service. Would recomend

Carol keller - 08/22/20
Joanne is awesome
Joanne helped me get the right size unit for my things when I had no idea what size I would need. She is a warm and caring person and whenever I came to go thru my stuff in my unit I felt secure that it was a safe environment. She is an asset to Allsafe and a blessing to anyone she comes into contact with.

Anonymous - 08/21/20
This place is great! Joanne was so helpful and friendly.
Joanne is so nice!

Rory - 07/30/20
Nice. Clean. Safe.
We stored excess stuff at Allsafe on McComas Way for 7 years. It was always safe, always clean, and Joanne always made sure we paid on time.

Don - 07/30/20
Joanne was always very nice and very helpful for the two years that we occupied a unit at this location. I would highly recommend using this storage facility.

Ryan Carey - 07/28/20
awesome expierece! I always felt safe going alone as a female, the unit and facility was always clean. The price was right and service was helpful and friendly!

Steve Stedman - 07/02/20
I have been a renter at this facility for many years. The site is always clean and welcoming and I never had the fear that my storage was in jeopardy. Thank you Joanne for a great job and always having a pleasant word to say.

Anonymous - 06/29/20
joanne has far surpassed all expectations. huge help. very professional

Joshua Johnson - 06/25/20
Great Storage Facility
Staff is always courteous and helpful with any needs and requests. Have never had any issues with the facilities or moving vehicle(s). Ms. Joanne goes above and beyond to make sure everything is running smooth and people are protected and happy with their service!!

Anonymous - 06/15/20
Joanne is a great. Very communicative, helpful and always friendly!

Tina S. - 06/02/20
Best Storage Units in Town
Great place for extra storage. Storage units are clean and reasonably priced. Units are easy to access and grounds are always well maintained. Joanne always has a smile and the answers to any questions.

John and Jennifer B. - 05/28/20
A wonderful storage experience. Joanne was easy to work with and very helpful. The facilities were clean and I felt our items were always safe. Highly recommended!!

Tom L. - 05/14/20
Great place for storage!
After having checked out several storage facilities and getting a bunch of bait and switch, hidden fee shakedowns I finally found Joanne at ALLSAFE. What a breath of fresh air. Joanne is very friendly, helpful and honest. I really enjoyed doing business with her and will most certainly be back for future storage needs.

Victoria Lang - 05/11/20
Joanne is the BEST!
Joanne at ALLSAFE is the BEST. I was in a transitional time of my life and not happy about having to get a storage unit. I came into the office, informed her of my needs and asked if she can help me with this difficult transition. She was exceptionally informed of what I would need for the amount of belongings I described. She was empathetic to my situation and readily found ways to support me in my moving efforts. When I informed her I was moving out but didn't know what day she readily put notes into my account and said not knowing the date was not a problem. She also made the effort to immediately learn my name. I have only been there 5 times all of which she was not even there and yet she still calls me by my first name when she sees me, Joanne made a very uncomfortable situation bearable and let me know i was not alone. She is amazing. I am very grateful to her.

James Samonte - 05/05/20
I was pleased with the storage unit and staff (Joanne) was awesome. If I need another storage unit in the future, I’ll definitely return to the McComas location

Anonymous - 04/29/20
I have been using all safe for 5+ years and everything has been outstanding. Joanne has always answered my questions and work with me when CC were changed over without any problems. She is outstanding and meets or exceeded all our needs. Thanks

Debbie S - 04/21/20
Very Satisfied!
Joanne provides excellent service! We shopped around and Allsafe had the best prices and security.

G. Cooper - 02/25/20
Great Customer Service and Accommodations
This is the ONLY Place I have ever had to use in the Virginia Beach Area for my storage needs. Through two Home Sales and two Moves, two different sizes Units. Joanne was an Excellent Help for every call that I made and every question I had.....THANKS!!!!!!

Lynn Meredith - 02/17/20
Used Allsafe climate controlled storage on McComas Way for many years. Joanne is very friendly and helpful.

Kevin and Brittany Jeffries - 02/07/20
We had two storage units over the course of 3 years. Joanne was wonderful to work with and was always responsive if we had any questions or special needs regarding our units! Thank you Joanne!!

Syra - 01/31/20
Great place. Easy access. Joanne, the manager, has been on point from day one! I’ve been here for 6 years & they continue to provide excellent service!

J. Walker - 01/22/20
Joanne goes above and beyond
would never use anyone else. by far best service and pricing around. Joanne cares about her customers and it shows!

Jennifer - 01/22/20
Joanne is by far the best!
I've been with allsafe for years and used other storage places in the past. I would never use anyone else after my years here. Joanne has been by far the best person I have met in my life. She has become a part of my "family". Joanne goes above and beyond in her capacity here and she is just plain wonderful!!

Adam Conlan - 01/21/20
Joanne - Best Customer Service
Throughout my time renting at Allsafe, Joanne has provided the best customer service, and frankly has good beyond what she needed to , to ensure her customers were well taken care of. She should be recognized for her work.

Glen Krans - 01/21/20
Everything a storage facility should be
We actually rented three different size spaces at three different times as our storage needs changed and it was never a problem. Joanne is absolutely priceless! She met our storage needs and more. Accommodating, helpful, and above all friendly, she made our experience immeasurably more pleasant. Thank you, Joanne!

Jordan Grygotis - 12/13/19
Thank you Joanne! You made our experience awesome! you were very helpful with showing us where our storage unit was and also helpful to let us know before our payment was done. Thank you for everything! happy holidays!

Claude Jackson - 11/22/19
I find the facility to be very clean and well kept. It is a pleasure dealing Joanne, she is very helpful and professional.

John Adams - 11/11/19
Very Pleased
I'd like to pass on that of about a half dozen storage experiences over my life this was by far the most pleasant. Joanne is very pleasant and helpful.

John - 11/06/19
JoAnne is a super manager!!
Joanne is always super helpful. She is always busy helping people or cleaning up. Thankful for her!!

John - 11/05/19
very satisfied customer
Very nice experience. Joanne did a great job.

Danny Houglan - 10/28/19
Great facility, very clean and secure. Joanne is awesome, very helpful!
I have been using allsafe at this location for close to 4 years and never had an issue. It is very clean, no signs of any type of bugs or rodents the entire time. The facility is in great condition, inside and out. Joanne, the manager, is very nice and helpful. Always friendly and answered any questions. I was on autopay, another great feature for those that are so busy they lose track of time!

Kim Glaser - 10/26/19
Joanne was our initial contact 5 yrs ago and she has been very helpful, always friendly and pleasant to work with. The facility is consistently clean and convenient for where we live.

Braydon - 10/13/19
I needed to have a vehicle stored and joanne was very friendly and helpful throughout the process. I was reccomend this place from a friend and I would definitely recommend others to store their belongings here.

Steve Badolato - 10/02/19
Always great service
Joanne is a wonderful representative for Allsafe. This was our 2nd time using this location and it's always clean and well ran. THANKS!

Rodger Elkins - 09/29/19
Wonderful and clean place to store your stuff.
Joanne is awesome to work with, extremely helpful. Thanks.

Fred - 09/16/19
Superlative Service
Your manager, Joanne Robertson, is a jewel, not just one on the side, but the diadem, itself. I have been renting storage spaces for 11 years from this location, and what brings me back, year-after-year, is the personal relationship that I have developed with Joanne. She is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and a total professional.

Bill McG. - 09/10/19
Great Storage facility...perfect for ny needs
I used this facility short-term during a recent move. Very clean and easy to access. Great service from Joanne!

Cody McLaughlin - 09/10/19
Joanne is terrific, great service, give raise

Bryan Harrell - 09/04/19
For top-notch service and overall good vibes, rent a unit from Allsafe!
I am Bryan Harrell, I work at Beach pros realty, and we have had the absolute pleasure of renting a unit from Joanne at Allsafe for more than 2 years .We have recently expanded to a large office space, so there is no need for the unit(s) anymore. In closing, we highly recommend Joanne and her Allsafe family for their fair pricing, attention to detail, and always making sure we were more than satisfied with the service and good attitudes!

Anonymous - 07/17/19
JoAnne makes using any other storage company unappealing

Ed Miles - 07/08/19
Joanne has always been very friendly and accommodating, a pleasure to deal with.

James Taylor - 06/29/19
We have rented at Allsafe Self Storage on McComas Way since 2011. Joanne has always been very professional and polite. She ensures the facility is kept clean and in good repair. She is the best!

Aimee York - 06/18/19
Great unit and customer service
Joanne was so helpful and always so nice. The Unit area is safe and clean. We enjoyed our stay here.

Anonymous - 06/07/19
The staff at this location is always professional. I enjoy working with Joanne she is always friendly and takes the time to answer all my questions.

J R Warren - 05/21/19
Yes.Our experience here was excellent.
Joanne was very professional and helpful. The facility was clean and was everything we needed it to be.

Anonymous - 05/21/19

robert seemueller - 02/26/19
great storage unit. safe location
Joanne explained things well and was vary attentive to my needs. I will use ALLSAFE again.

Linda L Griffin - 12/31/18
Very well pleased with facility
Joanne has been so helpful,even from the very beginning. I feel she looks out for me, as a client. The facility is always clean and cared for.

John Rodger Schoonover - 12/12/18
Helpful, secure, climate controlled, and comfortable.
Joanne is great. Friendly, helpful, remembers my name, calls me if there is any question, very personable. Really makes us feel at home and comfortable.

Richard Callahan - 12/11/18

John J Moriarty - 12/07/18
My company has rented at this location for over 10 years. Its a clean and secure place to store- service is exceptional. The key is Joanne. She is reliable, friendly and likes things to run smoothly.

Anonymous - 11/26/18
Joanne is awesome. Her customer service is bar none. The units are clean and well maintained, along with the landscaping. Great location and excellent service..Thanks Joanne

Anonymous - 11/26/18
This facility is one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest I've used. Jo

Fred Smith - 10/29/18
Easy to work with, readily accessible staff
Joanne does an excellent job, treating customers with friendliness, professionalism, and efficiency. She is the reason I continue to store my possessions with Allsafe. I know as long as I can communicate with her, my expectations will be met.

Dave Wessner - 10/10/18
Safe, Efficient and Great Customer Service
Joanne has provided great customer service, making our Storage needs a great experience.

Olivia V. - 10/08/18
Joanne took great care of us!
Joanne took great care of us and our needs. She is always professional, polite, accommodating, and a pleasure to deal with. The two storage units that we have rented were clean and safe. We appreciate how Joanne handles business.

Debbie Perez - 09/30/18

Debbie Perez - 09/30/18
Joanne is the best! She adds a personal touch rarely found anymore.
I recommend the storage facility because of her and a job well done.

Suzette - 09/18/18
Joanne is amazing and is always so helpful.
Joanne is personable and professional. The facility is clean, secure, and well maintained. I have never had an issue the entire time and I would highly recommend this facility.

Suzette - 09/18/18
Joanne is amazing and is always so helpfull

Kriss Holland - 09/13/18
Best storage facility I've used.
Joanne is very friendly and efficient. She keeps the whole location very clean and maintained. I have been renting a unit for 3 years and NEVER had a problem. Joanne you are the best!

Anonymous - 09/12/18
Yes, it is easy to get to and the office staff is friend
I have enjoyed working with Joanne, she is quick, efficient and friendly. I have needed her help on two occasions, she was most helpful.

George & Bonnie Spohn - 09/10/18
Joanne is a Gem!
Joanne at AllSafe Self Storage is always kind and helpful. The customer service is excellent in an era when it is difficult to find any at many businesses. This location is convenient, clean, and our belongings are secure. We have rented a unit here for years and would not go anywhere else.

Dominga Waipa - 09/09/18
Customer Service
I just wanted to thank Joanne Robertson for the outstanding service and professionalism, she has given me and my family throughout the years.

Jason - 09/09/18
Joanne was super helpful and made everything easy

Noreen O'Brien - 09/07/18
Joanne is so professional and knowledgeable. Every time I come in the office to pay my storage fee, she is extremely pleasant. She is an asset to any organization.

Stacy Koelbel - 09/07/18
This was the first storage places I checked out. After seeing the cleanliness of the place, meeting and speaking with Joanne I knew this was the place for us. They didn't have the size I wanted at the time so Joanne took my name & number. I was blown away that she remembered me when one came available! When I went in to sign everything Joanne was awesome! She's a very friendly, knowledgeable and showed me around the grounds. The hours here are great also! They even have a small uhaul type truck you can use for moving :) Thank you Joanne & Allsafe!

Richard Nieves - 08/20/18
A safe, clean facillity, with an outstanding staff & great location.
A safe and clean facility, great front office staff and great location and last but not least "a great price". It's conveniently located with easy access from General Booth Blvd. and reasonable hours provides the ease of use so important to tenants wanting to access their "belongings". Great Value!

D. Lee - 08/15/18
Friendly manager, conveniently located, clean, and well kept up property
Joanne is both professional and personable. I am a repeat customer. It’s a good feeling to no longer need your storage unit, but when I needed one again...I didn’t even think to go to any other place. Auto pay processes my monthly fee so I don’t have to worry about paying late. I have access to my unit from 7am to 9 pm every day of the week.

Anonymous - 08/15/18
friendly staff
I have been in a couple of times and spoke with Joanne she was very professional and friendly. Highly recommend!!!

Anonymous - 08/15/18
Great location and easy access. The best customer service anyone can get--professional, efficient, and a happy person is a bonus.

Joy - 08/15/18
Always Very Clean, Friendly Staff, Great Prices
I've been using AllSafe at McComas Way as storage for my small business for at least 5 years. It is well-maintained outside and super clean in the hallways. JoAnne is ALWAYS helpful and friendly. When I decided to move to a climate controlled unit, she was able to take care of it immediately. She even called me when I inadvertently left a box of supplies that would have been costly to replace outside my unit. I highly recommend this facility.

Chad Naujoks - 08/07/18
Excellent Service and Great Pricing!
I have been a customer since 2015 and love the facilities and the employees! Excellent prices haven't changed much in the past 3 years and they are very affordable!

Anonymous - 08/07/18
Your staff/very helpful & courteous, but Joanne goes above and beyond
Everything is excellent with one exception- There has to be a better way to open the gate both coming in and going out without having to get out of the vehicle and punch in code. Would it be possible to have code box be drive through as in other storage facilities?

John - 01/20/16
Nice facility and staff.
I made my first call to ALLSAFE when looking for a storage unit in the General Booth area. Joanne Robertson answered the call and I received all the information I needed to show up the next day. Joanne showed me around and explained everything fantastic. The units and rates beat all the others in the area. Her visiting grandchildren were a great help also. Thank you Joanne.